WBE/HUB/SBE Certified



Sunbelt Industrial Services has prepared water treatment systems of varying sizes for multiple projects. Two of the most recent systems consisted of a treatment pad with secondary containment berming. A (4) four Inch Prime Assisted Pump – Set Up with 4″ Camlocks capable of pumping 250 gallons per minute was utilized to de-water excavations. A second 4″ Prime Assisted Pump was staged on site for back-up and support during rain events. The system included twelve (12) 500 bbl safety vapor frac tanks, equipped with 4″ camlocks on the top of front and rear of each tank. The tanks were plumbed to two 6″ Body w/ 4EA 4″ Port Ground Manifolds.

Water extracted from the excavations was pumped to the frac tanks. Water was then pumped through a succession of bag filters and carbon filters. Treated water was stored and sampled to confirm adequate filtration. Upon receipt of acceptable analytical results, the water was discharged via hoses to the storm drain. Utilizing these systems Sunbelt pumped and treated 34,000,000 gallons of impacted groundwater.

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